Ground Beef Tostadas


Ground Beef, Corn, Potato, Onion, Tomato


Chop 1/3 of an onion


Sauté Onions and throw in the beef (make sure all water evaporates)


Chop up a potato into thin slices for fast cook and throw it in with the meat


Cut up the Tomatoes


Throw in corn and tomatoes and let it finish cooking all together before serving on a Tostada!


Local Farmers’ Market


Take the time out of your weekend and go check out the Farmers Market. There will be a more in-depth post of the Farmers’ market in near future where I go to each one and show what there is to offer. In mean time, above is a picture of what is currently in season.

Currently Open

Arcata Plaza Farmers’ Market (Open Year-Round) 

Saturdays, November 26th, 2016- March 25th, 2017. 10am-2pm. Saturdays, April 1st – November 18th, 2017. 9am-2pm. The Plaza is located on the city block of 8th Street and 9th Street/ “G” Street and “H” Street in Arcata. Live music every week.

Currently Closed

Old Town, Eureka. Tuesdays 10am-2pm. June 6th- October 31st, 2017. F Street between 1st and 2nd Street. Live music every week.

Henderson Center in Eureka: Thursdays 10am-1pm. June 1st- October 26th, 2017. Located where Henderson Street meets F Street in Eureka. Live music every week. Last market of 2016: October 28th.
Eureka Natural Foods in McKinleyville: June 1st- October 26th, 2017. Located at the new Eureka Natural Foods store in McKinleyville (located in the old Ace Hardware site) on Central Avenue and Pickett Rd. Thursdays 3:30-6:30pm. Live music every week.
Willow Creek: 5pm-8pm. June 1st- October 26th, 2017. Community Commons’ Park on the corner of highway 96 and 299 in downtown Willow Creek.


Chicken Vindaloo Curry

Have a busy week ahead? Meal prep this simple yet delicious recipe that can also be flexible when choosing your ingredients. You can add your favorite vegetables to the curry and make the recipe your own! The Indian simmer sauce can be found at Costco and you get two containers, Coconut curry and Vindaloo curry. Basmati rice is preferred, but feel free to use what’s in your kitchen pantry.

  1. Curry Sauce = $12.99
  2. 1.6 lb. Chicken Breast = $6.06
  3. Vegetables of choice (Normandy & Potatoes)= Price may vary
Ingredients used for Vindaloo Curry Feb 19 2017

Ingredients used. Choose between Coconut or Vindaloo Curry 

Boil potatoes until soft at center. Feb 19 2017

Boil potatoes until soft at center 15-20min

Cut up chicken into cubes. Feb 19 2017

Cut up chicken into cubes.

Cook the chicken about 75% before adding vegetables. Feb 19 2017

Sauté Chicken about 75% before adding vegetables. *Tip Drain Excess water from chicken to avoid watering down curry.

Throw in those veggies. Feb 19 2017

Throw in those veggies and potatoes with chicken.

Add curry sauce and let it simmer on medium-low. Feb 19 2017

Add curry sauce and simmer on medium-low for 15-20min.

Serve curry with rice. Feb 19 2017

Serve curry with rice and enjoy!

TL;DR: Curry sauce from Costco. Make a curry with the vegetables that you already have in your pantry and meal prep for busy schedule.