Meal Prep for College Students

Meal planning for college students can be pretty difficult, especially if you are living on your own and don’t really know how to cook things because you’ve been dependant on your family. Don’t worry because has a perfect guide for every step of the way!

The best things I pulled from the guide that I didn’t think about.

  • They suggest taking a picture of what you have in the fridge so you don’t over buy things when you second guess on what you have
  • Educate yourself on serving sizes and eating the right portions. If it’s healthy food then u shouldn’t have much of a problem over-eating.
  • For those who feel the need of more nutrients, feel free to buy a multivitamins. (Student health center on campus could give you tips and tell you what exactly you might need!)
  • Use an app to help you with meal plans! The one below is called Paprika, this approach helps people eat healthier, plan our meals, even has a variety of recipes from which you can choose. A neat feature the app provides is an interactive recipe option where you can cross off what you’ve already done while cooking.

For more tips on college student meal planning check out their website!


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