Kebab Cafe Review

Humboldt State University’s The Lumberjack had recently reviewed the food and gave me a reason to try out this Mediterranean restaurant. Walking into Kebab Cafe there is heavy aesthetic focus on Greece and Turkey. For my drink I asked for water, I wish they gave it to me cold or with some ice because it felt straight out the faucet. On the Lumberjack the writer ordered Dolmas are grape leaves wrapped around seasoned rice, which are only 98¢ so i decided to try them out! Unfortunately my tastebuds didn’t like the olive oil or vinegar that they were covered in. They left a bitter taste in my mouth, however the seasoned rice inside was good. It felt like a waste but I was only able to finish one before my main dish came.



The lamb Gyro came out pretty fast! I’ll be going from top to bottom starting on the vegetables and ending on the Pita bread. I ordered without onions but the vegetables were very fresh, the lettuce had a nice crispness with every bite and the tomatoes were juicy. The waitress had mentioned there was cucumbers with it but barely had some in it and were not as fresh, my suggestion would be adding more cucumbers and less lettuce. Tzatziki sauce was okay I might try out the Red sauce next time to change it up and give it another flavor profile. The lamb meat was tasty but could have used a little bit less salt. The good thing about the meat was the softness because of the thin slices they provide you with. The pita bread need to be held with the paper because it would fall apart because of how stuffed the gyro was. The bread did help out balance the saltiness of the meat which was a great move on the establishment. Overall it was a good dish that gives you an idea of the Mediterranean, but there are better Gyros out there (Maybe not in Humboldt).


Lamb Gyro with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and Tzatziki sauce


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