Taqueria Rosales [Review]

There is a family run spot for Homemade Mexican food in Eureka, CA. The establishment is small and only has 7 tables. They offer a variety of Mexican food throughout the week but sell Menudo and Birria only on the weekends. I plan on reviewing the two some time in the future.


When you sit down the waiter brings chips with two different types of salsa. The chips are made at the restaurant and have the perfect satisfying crunch.


I got an agua de Jamaica and two carnitas tacos with no onions. The tortillas are handmade in the restaurant and cost 50¢ more than regular tortillas and its definitely worth it. If you like spicy, ask for the spicy hot sauce that’s kept in the kitchen and they will bring it to you for no additional price. The carnitas is a MUST have! The initial bite is crunchy but also explodes with the juicy flavor of the meat.

So far after trial and error this place has the best carnitas tacos in Eureka/Arcata area and for the price of $9.24.

Address: 312 W Washington St. Eureka, CA 95501

TL;DR Mexican food in Eureka, CA. Everything homemade. Carnitas are delicious.


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