Guide on essential cooking utensils


Tongs – Great all around cooking tool. Lift, flip, mix and move anything with them. Stainless steel is the best option when buying because of versatility. Good for deep frying!

Spatula – Rubber or Silicone spatulas are good for scraping, scooping, stirring and mixing. The article recommends having a variety of them with different ends (Flat, angular, or spoon-shaped. *Metal spatulas will be useful for grilling outside, I personally see no use for inside cooking.

Oven Mitts or Hot Pad – Self explanatory, don’t get burned. As a college student, using a kitchen rag for taking things out of the oven and as a place mat on the counter will knock out this requirement.

Steamer Basket – Used for steaming vegetables. Mine came with the rice cooker, but if you do buy one make sure it fit’s the size of your pot.

Timer – Article mentions how useful a timer is and which one it recommends. I agree but just use your phone it will save you money and you can use voice commands.

Instant Read Thermometer – I didn’t realize I needed one of these until I cooked a Tri-tip steak in the oven! Helps you get the perfect roast, steak or when baking a cake.

*Toaster-Oven – This is a personal item I added to the list because of how great it is. You can reheat anything using this instead of a microwave and it will taste delicious! If you are a cheese lover and you don’t have one of these, you’re not doing it right.

Found a very useful guide on thekitchn showing the uses of 10 essential tools. The one’s I mentioned from the article is what you need to get by as a college student the most.


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