10 Foods that don’t need the fridge


Potatoes – The cold temperature breaks down the starch, keep them in a cool and dry place. * I put mine in a brown paper bag

Honey – Honey crystallizes making it hard to be used. I keep mine in the cabinet but because its so cold in Humboldt it still crystallizes..

Coffee – Some people refrigerate their coffee, don’t know why? The humidity of the fridge will ruin the flavor. Keep it in a airtight container

Tomatoes – Putting them in the fridge stops the ripening process thus losing flavor. Best to keep them out on the counter.

Onions- Moisture of a fridge will make them soft and cause them to mold. Best to keep in a cool, dry place.

Garlic – Will sprout in the fridge and may get rubbery and moldy, best kept in cool, dry place. Keeping it next to the stove is a good option, especially if it’s a common ingredient.

Hot Sauce – There is enough vinegar to prevent bacteria from growing and if put in fridge it will become less spicy. Keep at room temperature and it can last up to 3 years.

Bread – Many will put in fridge to prevent mold growth, however it drys out. Best if left out on the counter.

Pickles – Commonly found in the fridge but they are high on preservatives (some foods are preserved with the help of pickles). Keep them out of the fridge anywhere you want, they are sturdy on their own!

Ketchup – Preservatives used are good at maintaining it’s quality. Think about all those fast food ketchup packets, they’re fine without a fridge.



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