5 Tips on Grocery Shopping


1. Make a Grocery List! – By making a grocery list you can avoid picking up things at the store that you don’t need, reduce those impulsive buys. You don’t need cookies, chips, crackers, and soda for ex.

2. Don’t eat out! – If you don’t eat out you’ll find more money in your bank, common sense. You might be lazy one day and go out for Mexican food or Fast food, this can be avoided and will allow yourself to get a nice steak or seafood for the same price.

*Tip try not to buy expensive cuts of steak

3. Choose where you shop wisely – There are many discount stores where you can find the same item for way cheaper. Costco for example can save you money buy buying things you need the most in bulk, 2 gallons of milk  at Costco will be the same as 1 gallon at Safeway for example.

4. Get that generic store brand – Many stores carry their own brand of products and offer you the best price for the same quality. Don’t be fooled by the big name brands!

*Tip Safeway has Manager Specials in the Meats section and you can come up on some great deals for cheap, usually 30% off.

5. Cook once, eat multiple times – By cooking large portions of food you can save money by eating the same meal. Tupperware will be your best friend and if you really want to save money, freeze 1 serving size meals for on the go (Good for library studying or busy schedules).You may get tired of the same meal every time but it’s a struggle out here and you need to save money.


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